With your heart guiding you, run through,
Right now, to the unmapped place of "freedom."

The faint darkness settles on the streets,
And the people hide their true faces.
Protecting your smile was impossible,
One the days I would struggle.

Soar above the sadness, piercing it.
Now, shout out your overbearing emotions
Take your pains with you as you go,
To the future where you’ll meet the self you do not know.

If you clear your ears it can be heard
Forgetting the rest of the dream,
Throughout my body the wind’s song started resonating,
This is the earth’s preparation.

Your smile, that voice residing in my chest,
It becomes my strength.

Bloom facing that sky
Even if it’s small and nameless,
Those times when that flower changes,
Your will of yours remains carved in stone.

Shining, piercing into tomorrow
Now, shout out your overbearing emotions
With our hearts guiding us, we’ll run through.
Together, to the unmapped place of "freedom".