I'm the definition of a rich trap nigga
Genghis Khan drug don, certified killa
Young nigga trapping for them new Lebrons nigga
I was trafficking and passing brick like I'm Lebron nigga
Steff Curry pound of kush under my armour nigga
Arm and hammer gucci cook it right infront of niggas
Everybody bosses really they just runners nigga
On YSL designer down I drip like  nigga
Have you been so broke you had to serve a pregnant lady
Feeding crack rock to a baby and you really just a baby
The shit I seen in sun valley drive a nigga crazy
I drunk so many pints I damn near drove my mama crazy

This shit crazy
I'm crazy
Life crazy
They say my wife crazy
I'm marrying a killer
This ain't rock bottom
Can't go 
It's Gucci
I walk in the bank they say, hey Mr. Davis
How may I assist you
It's Gucci
It's Wizop

I act like I forgot but I was once a mental patient
 while my career deteriorated
Now everyday I wake up I feel invigorated
Got Rihanna on IG talking about Gucci's transformation
Minor setback for a major compilation
Meant to say comeback but I might drop a compilation
Sometimes I post a pic just so I can block all the haters
A lot of niggas sending threats I don't know what the wait is
They actin' like they tough but don't want no confrontation
These sucka's ain't even man enough to say congratulations
2018 20 year my high school graduation
I might go in my bag and send them on a paid vacation
You never sold a brick I understand the fascination
You think he a  but really he's a scammer baby
I'm from east Atlanta by way of Alabama baby
Took so many bricks to bama my pic should be laminated